Working with you, we’ll ensure the power of technology is harnessed to drive transformation and to accelerate business growth



  • Expert technical outsourcer. Over 160 insurance clients since 1992. 

  • Moving into automation and AI with support from HUXSON.

  • One of the largest professional services firms in the world.

  • HUXSON is helping EY to expand its understanding and application of AI.




Using market intelligence, combined with best practice application of technology, our experienced practitioners are able to efficiently develop cutting-edge technical solutions for clients. Improved business performance and sustainable competitive advantage are just some of the benefits of these solutions.


Huxson helped create an AI-enabled automated platform to cleanse and augment insurance policy submissions. 

This cutting edge tool is over 80% quicker than conventional practices.




We deliver best-in-class bespoke technical solutions to future-proof your business. By endeavouring to understand each business’s unique needs, we ensure - strategically and structurally - it is equipped to succeed in the ever-changing enterprise space.


The team worked with Corax on the creation of new features and functions for its cybe platform. This enabled Corax to increase sales and market penetration, plus build data unique to the company. This has differentiated Corax from competitors, allowed the company to enter new markets and broadened its service offering.




Working with clients, we develop strategies that will harness the power of innovation and bring about lasting, positive change. With over 15 years of experience in developing innovative solutions for clients, and over five years experience of bringing pioneering software solutions to market, we can be trusted to innovate and accelerate your digital transformation journey.  


We have been able to help Concirrus identify, guide, and support its behavioural driven platform to dominate the specialty classes, starting with marine. The product offerings have grown into a multi-line solution suite, utilised by major brokers like Marsh and Willis Re, in addition to global carriers.



Our consultants partner with clients to boost their existing sales team, allowing them to access new markets with speed and ease. The team is made up of senior talent, who have a wealth of industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a passion for driving innovation. We are based in London but have specialists world-wide including New York, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Dubai.



Through our global specialist network, we helped Analycat grow in vertical industries and expand into new territories. Our client entered these new markets risk free, creating a new footing to thrive.




Over the years, HUXSON has created successful, specialist insurance events in locations across the world. These events gather leaders in the insurance market to see the present and the future, learn from industry analysts, make the right connections to propel businesses forward, and be inspired.


HUXSON worked with EY to develop and create a unique AI event at its London Bridge conference centre for a C-Suite audience. The event helped promote awareness and understanding of AI and its application in the marketplace.




Understanding that every business is different and has unique needs during a time of change, we can help ease the transition through supplementing clients’ teams with additional staff in the following areas: 

  • Data Science

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Actuarial

  • Development

  • Product delivery

These additions can be short or long term hires, decreasing a company's reliance on Huxson overtime.


Working with Corax to understand its needs, HUXSON was able to help bring a suite of talent - from data scientists to sales - into the company. The additions to the team ensured Corax could build on existing skills and enhance processes and procedures.